I am an artist focused in oil painting, born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. Beginning at a very early age, I was strongly influenced by a great artist, my father. He is a sculptor as my grandfather as well. 


So I started drawing, taking inspiration from the drawings that my father made for me. Many of my childhood memories are from seeing my dad drawing, sketching, and plaining his drawings.

The expressions on the faces that he drew while I watched him were fascinating to me, and those special moments, were my first inspiration to go into this amazing world of art .


That started it all, but my passion is not only for painting faces, it is also to capture expressions, emotions and feelings from mysterious and enigmatic eyes on a canvas.



I began taking art classes at 17, the art studio was focused in oil painting. After just over a year and few months I decided to open my own art studio for children and to start teaching drawing. Then over two years later, I left the oil painting studio and I continued learning on my own, just because I wanted to find and create my own style. 

I have been involved in the art world since I was a little child. Art means my whole life, but I am not still finished learning about this wonderful universe. 

I am still seeking to find and create all that fascinates me and to improve my technique.


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