• Bianca Garcia

Welcome to my blog, welcome to my world!

Hello dear creative soul and art lover, thank you very much for giving you the time to pass by and know a little bit about me a my wolderful beautiful world.

My name is Bianca Garcia, I am a full-time artist focused in oil painting medium. I have been working as an artist a little more than 10 years. Most of my experience has been painting faces, especially my favorites characters, melancholy children and mysterious women. But more than just painting faces is painting expressions and give to each one of my work its own soul. I love the way how I can tell many stories using just a few paints and my brush, no using words. And the most exciting thing of all about this, is that I am be able to express myself through my paintings. That is why I can tell that art means to me my entire life.

Photography by Kisa Kavass

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